PROGRAMS FOR 2020 - 2021


Other Recurring Events


When Topic Presenter
Oct 5 Talk around: what did you do this summer? all
Oct 12 Talk around: what did you do this summer?  Doc WA7PLC
Oct 19 Business Meeting  
Oct 26 DC Electronics Part 1   Doc WA7PLC
Nov 2 DC Electronics Part 2   Doc WA7PLC
Nov 9  AREDN   Steve AB7PA
Nov 16 Business Meeting  
Nov 23  Old Plane P38 revival  Bob K9WMP
Nov 30  Presentation by Charlie "Red" Brown  Charlie NJ7V
Dec 7  DC Electronics Part 3   DOC WA7PLC
Dec 13 Christmas/Holiday Party @ Organ Stop Pizza @ Noon   
Dec 14 Business Meeting  
Dec 21 by Christian L Claborne  N1CLC  Chris N1CLC
Dec 28  Titan Missile Trip  No online meeting today  Tom N7WEM
Jan 4  What is a Hamfest like?  Sue W7SKH
Jan 11 Business Meeting (moved 1 week earlier because of Quartzfest)  
Jan 18  Basic Electronics 4 -Resonance (Will be recorded)             (Quartz-pause)  Doc WA7PLC
Jan 25  Antennas with Bill  W7ZT  Bill W7ZT
Feb 1  HAM Radio Adventures with Steve G0AT  Steve G0AT
Feb 8 FreeCAD demo  Jerry K7AZJ
Feb 15 Business Meeting  SUe
Feb 22  TRAINS  John KC5QOC
Feb 24 Snowbird Field Day!!!  CANCELLED FOR 2021  
Mar 1  Intro to Home Networking  Dave KB7KY
Mar 8  Mayday ! Emergency!  Gordon West
Mar 15 Business Meeting  
Mar 22  Buddipole Budd Drummond  Budd W3FF
Mar 29  My Story  Pat Malin  KE8MBG
Apr 5  My Fun Runs Bill W7ZT 
Apr 12  Why 50 Ohms?  video
Apr 19 Business Meeting  
Apr 26  Energy,Power and SWR (Basic Electronics 5)  DOC WA7PLC