SunLife, Venture Out and Local Nets

Sunlife:   20 Meter Net: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 14.329 Mhz SSB 19:30 (UTC) 12:30 MST / 11:30 MST during daylight savings time. See Note.

Sunlife:   10 Meter Net: Tuesday and Thursday, 7:00 pm. (0200 Z) 28.329 Mhz, SSB.   Check in using Echolink Node KD8PC-L, All Star link 51772, John Jacques provides this service and will assist you.

Sunlife:   6 Meter Net: Wednesday, 50,140 MHz USB, 0200 (UTC)/19:00 MST

Sunlife: DMR Net: Monday at 7PM Arizona time, on Talkgroup 31041,  Also available on EchoLink KD8PC-L and AllStar node 51772.

 DMR talk group is on the Brandmeister DMR system.

Venture Out:  2 Meter Net: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 1:00 p.m., 146.460 MHz FM simplex.  2000Z, 1:00 p.m. Arizona time.

Superstition:   ARC Nets, 2 Meter FM Wed. 8pm 147.120 pl 162.2, 449.600- 444.600, pl 100, KD8PC-Echolink Node.

Superstition:   ARC 10 Meter Thurs 8pm 28.465 SSB


LOCAL, No Club sponsor:

10 Meter AM Monday 8pm, 28.808 Amplitude Modulation

  6 Meter Saturday st 7pm using the Mount Lemon repeater, FQ 53.720 recieve, transmit 1MHzdown on 52.720, PL tone 136.5 

10 Meter SSB, Desert 10-10 Net, Sunday 6pm 28.445 USB

Note.  All times are MST, Arizona time.  Arizona does not go on daylight savings time.


Greenfield Village  RV Resort

On Main St. East of Greenfield across from Waldo's Barbeque in Mesa, AZ

Our meetings are Monday at 10:00 AM First Monday in October through the last Monday in April 

We have Great Programs!