Business Meeting Minutes

20 December 2021


Meeting held at Greenfield Village and also via ZOOM provided by Doc Cunningham began 1000 conducted by President Sue Rogers.


Returning-- Jerry Pringle KL7HFI


New members/visitors—Larry WB2WFO, Ed K9WAY, Lu KA1WAY, AND Lucian AB0LV


Health and welfare? Falls—Dick Vance


Announcements--Christmas Party sign-up passed around for party at Organ Stop Pizza, 12 December, $6.50 each, all-u-can-eat pizza, Salad, with drinks and ice cream extra cost.

Badges-- sign up passed around, cost $10

Titan Missile Museum-- sign up for trip on 30 December

Shirts, Jackets, Hats—with club logo available—see Cheri Goforth.

License Classes—will start Jan 11 at VO


Minutes of November business meeting read by Chuck Rogers, Secretary. Moved and seconded to accept the report as read. Motion passed


Treasurer's Report read by Treasurer, Cheri Goforth. Moved and seconded to accept the report as read. Motion Passed


Old BusinessThumb Drives—have been purchased, will be available after being programmed.

ARCA membership - tabled

Silent Auction-- VCR, DVD player, Pwr/SWR meter sold, Oscilloscope still in closet—no bids.


New Business-- Raspberry Pi class—Glenn's living room too small for increased attendance, need new place for class. Suggested room off of Rotunda at VO, Sue's church, or Greenfield Village. Will check on all three.


Presentation-- Different way of soldering PL259 using tubing cutter to prep coax by Mike, AL7F.


50/50 $17 Claude KJ7NFO, $17 to treasury.


Meeting Adjourned 1058


Respectfully submitted

Chuck Rogers, Secretary