Sunlife Events


Special Events


None planned at this time


Other Recurring Events

Monday Events


We have 1 weekly event on Mondays, during the winter months. Subject to Instructor/Student availability.

Please email one of the officers of the club, for information.


Electronics club:


When: Monday afternoons at 1330.

Where: Venture Out Resort, in the Electronics Building.


We study electronics, and try to understand some of the basics of circuits, and radios.



Thursday Weekly Events


We have 2 weekly Thursday events. These events are year-long events. In other words they happen 52 weeks of the year.


Event: Ham Radio in the Park.


Where: Red Mountain Park


Nov - Mar: West side of the park, entrance off of Sunnyvale Rd.

Apr - Oct: East side of the park, entrance off of Brown Rd.


We bring radios, and antennas. We make contacts, test new antennas, and chat with other hams. Some of us go to one of the local restaurants afterwards.

In short, we have fun. Don't worry if you are a new ham, we have mentored (Elmered) new hams into various phases of our hobby, from how an antenna is made, put up, and tuned, to how to use the radio, and make contacts.


Event: Special Interest Group at Red Mountain Library


Where: Red Mountain Library @Thinkspot

When: 1300 - 1500, local time


We hold a SIG every Thursday afternoon @Thinkspot (in the back of the Library)

Our special group, has a lot of interesting people, and we do some very interesting things, that every Ham Geek needs to do to be satisfied.

Currently, our topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino programming
  • 3D printing and CAD design
  • Antenna design
  • Learning linux
  • Model Airplanes & Drones



Snowbird Field Day


As we are primarily a "snowbird" club, meeting during the winter months, we have had a tradition, of hosting a "Winter" Field Day on the last Wednesday of February.

Located in Mesa AZ, our usual temperatures, for February, are in the 70+ F range. 

We all bring our portable antennas, and setup in 3 ramada's in Red Mountain Park, and we do a many bands, and many modes. 

We will be operating from 1500-2100 UTC (8am - 2pm local AZ time), on the last Wednesday of February (Feb 27, 2019).


We will be operating on:

20m - Voice, CW, FT8, JS8Call.

40m - Voice, CW

Please stay tuned, as we update this page with more up-to-date information, as the time gets closer.


Here are Pictures of past Snowbird Field events for your enjoyment.


73, and we hope to see y'all on the air!


Meeting Minutes

Nov 2018


Sunlife Business Meeting Minutes

19 November 2018


Meeting called to order 10:00 by President Jerry Davis

Returning/New Members  

New Member- Mike Finger, KJ7CAJ; Returning- Warren,WB4WAT from Idaho; K9CJM, Tom; Doug, VA7CPS from BC; AF7GJ Norm.

Health and Welfare 

Bill, W7ZT, reports spouse, Shirley, rt side, arm, and hand no movement and pain—seeing neurosurgeon this week, maybe will have answers to problem; Howard, KF6JTT wife fell broke hip; Romeo currently in hospital (Banner Heart) for operation,trying to stabilize heart.

Minutes of previous business meeting (15 Oct 2018) read and approved as corrceted.

Treasurer's Report-- 

Changed banks to Alaska Credit Union from Desert Financial--Current Bank Balance $2191.39, petty cash $259.90. Accepted as read.

Old Business  

Alaska Bank Status-- is new bank replacing Desert Financial


New Business  

Christmas Party-- moved and seconded to allocate $150 for meat for party. Passed

Venture Out Ham Class- Radios for reward for tech class from Tom Liska

Ham Class costs students $15 for access to VO's facility. Moved and seconded to partially subsidize this cost paying $10/Student for those attending the class. Motion passed.

Scholarship Applications – none received yet

LaPaz kids – Discussion about donating Raspberry Pi's. Pi cost approximately $35, but need memory card $10, USB keyboard, HDMI monitor. Have two monitors donated so need 3 more if we are going to donate 5 Pi's to be built. Suggested to comb upcoming Hamfests to see if monitors available. Also suggested to visit ASU surplus property on Broadway between Dobson and 101 freeway. HDMI Monitors there less than $50. Table discussion until after January.

Adds for radio classes held 8 Jan through 14 Feb—credit card size add costs $366 from Miller Publications. Or, put article in GV paper (free) about meetings and classes. Suggested just put ad in local park papers (free).

Director of Education can assume PIO duties for publicizing classes. East Valley Tribune can put PSA in paper for classes but someone needs to call them. Post notice in libraries and college bulletin boards. Group generally opposed to posting on FaceBook.




Cliff available to collect dues—consider all we do with your $10/year.

No meeting on 24 December. Those interested can go to RM Park for RIP (radios in the park)

Bob and Laura are testing at their home—call them for appointment

Ham Radio in the Park this Thursday morning only at Alta Mesa Park since Red Mountain Park is reserved by another group.

Special interest group meets every Thursday afternoon at Red Mountain Library to discuss and work on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Cad design, 3D printing, etc. All are welcome.

Tech class at Red Mountain Library graduated 11 Tech students

Licensing classes starting in January at VO for all 3 classes of radio license.

No Electronics class today at VO since Howard not available


Education Fund drawing-- 

$38 with $19 to Chuck Rogers/winner

Attendance = 39 signed in

Nets:  Monday, Paulette; Wed, Open; Fri , open.

Adjourned – 11:15



 AMSAT Presentation: