Business Meeting Minutes

21 March 2022


Meeting held at Greenfield Village and also via ZOOM provided by Doc Cunningham began 1004 conducted by President Sue Rogers.

Returning/New Members-- Art, W7ART, is back after 2 days in hospital and 15 days in rehab & lost 15 pounds!!

Leaving – Jerry and Ellen, leaving this coming Wednesday for funeral. Jerry will do silent key ceremony for father's funeral. Glenn Sicks—leaving Thursday on flight to Alaska which is warming up into 40's. Will have Jerry, KL7HFI, and his wife on same flight heading home.

Health and welfare? None


Testing update—Bob Bingham reports in the last 19 test sessions since October have had 56 applicants, some coming from as far away as Globe, Eager, and Showlow. Most of the applicants are young and still working.

VO Report—Garvin reports survey conducted in park with questions about ham radio resulted in getting 4 new members in club.

Shirts & Hats—samples on front table—see Cheri for orders

Dues-- $10/year due Jan 1st.

Thumb Drives—available for new members—see President Rogers to get yours.

Morse Code Practice—Notify Tom Liska or club officer if want to start class

Upcoming Hamfests—were sent out in email this week


Minutes of January business meeting read by Chuck Rogers, Secretary. Motion by Norm,AF7GJ, and Seconded by Jim S, WX7G, to accept the report as read. MOTION PASSED

Treasurer's Report read by Treasurer, Cheri Goforth. Motion by Jim S, WX7G, and Seconded by Jack Shidemantle, K8JXG, to accept the report as read. MOTION PASSED

New Business-- Summer Rag Chew, vote was held to have rag chew at 1300 AZ time May through September.

Equipment Audit—Glenn Sicks reported that inventory reduced by about half because of silent auction. Written report submitted to Secretary. MOTION by Cheri, KD7ZXD , and Seconded by Jack Shidemantle, K8JXG, to accept report. MOTION PASSED President rogers thanked the committee, Glenn Sicks, Lucian Vittori, and Greg Watkins for their work on the audit

Treasurer Audit—Chuck Rogers read the audit report that books were balanced and all accounting properly documented. MOTION by Doc, WA7PLC, and Seconded by Ralph, KA0CET, to accept report. MOTION PASSED

Nomination Committee—Jeff Freeman, Jack Hovden, Bill Maynard, presented nomination for club officers: President, Ralph Towers; Vice-president, Jim Hood; Secretary, Greg Watkins; Treasurer, Cheri Goforth. MOTION to accept the slate of nominees by acclamation. MOTION PASSED

Newly elected officers, Jim Hood and Ralph Howard, introduced themselves.

Drawings: 50/50 – $21 N8MZB, Bill Stankey

Joke by Tom Liska – we just got off route 119.

Jim Hood is submitting request to use the room at Greenfield Village for the next season

Meeting Adjourned 1112

Attendance-- 36 in person, 8 on zoom

Respectfully submitted

Chuck Rogers, Secretary