Business Meeting Minutes

18 October 2021


Meeting held via ZOOM provided by Doc Cunningham began 1308 conducted by 2nd past president, Tom Goforth.


Doug Ward resigned as Equipment Manager due to personal problems relating to care of his mother. We are looking for a replacement for him. Request made to Glenn to act as interim manager. Glenn agrees to take the job on an interim basis.


Health and welfare? None


Minutes of April meeting read by Cheri Goforth, Treasurer. Moved and seconded to accept the report as read. Motion passed


Treasurer's Report read by Treasurer, Cheri Goforth. Moved and seconded to accept the report as read. Motion Passed


Old BusinessThumb Drives—after discussion covering costs, size, and logo imprinting, the discussion was tabled for further investigation by Doc and Bill.


Honorary Life Membership—Roster is being scanned by President Sue Rogers with assistance of Glenn Sicks for qualified people to be recommended for Honorary Life Membership. Report Forthcoming. Tabled


New Business-- Christmas Party. Arrangements have been made with Organ Stop Pizza to open for our party on Sunday, 12 December, at 1145-1400. The cost for members is $6.50. The club will pay the additional $3 for the total $9.50 charge. We must guarantee that we have minimum of 50 people in attendance to use this facility. Salad will be available along with an all you want pizza bar—drinks other than water and ice cream products are available for additional charge.


Announcement-- Norm found interesting 80 meter net on Tuesday, 2100, 3.802??


Classes—Tech, General, and Amateur Extra classes will be taught as usual at the VO electronics club starting in January. Students, Students, Students needed.


Meeting Adjourned 1343


Respectfully submitted


Chuck Rogers, Secretary