Business Meeting Minutes

21 February 2022


Meeting held at Greenfield Village and also via ZOOM provided by Doc Cunningham began 1002 conducted by President Sue Rogers.

Returning/New Members-- New-Ervin Haveek, KE0AEZ; Returning- Janice Williams

Health and welfare? None


Shirts & Hats—samples on front table—see Cheri for orders

Dues-- $10/year due Jan 1st.

Thumb Drives—available for new members—see President Rogers to get yours.

Morse Code Practice—Notify Tom Liska or club officer if want to start

Presentation Next Week—Marv Sommer—was present during the 911 attack

Silent Auction—start today 0900 and each week at 0900 until 0950,7 March


Need new people for next slate of officers

Field day-- will be raining and cold on Wednesday, do we want to postpone to the next day? After discussion, vote by membership, majority wanted to meet on Wednesday in the rain.

Presentation-- ARCA- by Steve Miller, W6SDM, immediate past chairman. Is now advisor to board. Dues for club our size is $35/year. After 2 years then our club gets our share of 25% of Ham Radio License plate income. There is scholarship money for students, and grant money available to clubs. They do not sell or provide membership information to anyone. After discussion, Motion by Earl, N7EP to have Sunlife ARC join ARCA—Second by Bill, W7ZT. Motion Passed

Minutes of January business meeting read by Chuck Rogers, Secretary. Motion by Tom G, WY7TG, and Seconded by Bill W7ZT to accept the report as read. MOTION PASSED

Treasurer's Report read by Treasurer, Cheri Goforth. Motion by Ralph,KA0CET, and Seconded by Hugh, KL7HM, to accept the report as read. MOTION PASSED

New Business-- Jerry Davis reports that we have recurring bills for operation of the club website that occur mostly during the summer time when we don't have business meetings to authorize payments, meaning that he has to pay these hundreds of dollars and wait many months for reimbursement. Motion by Tom Goforth, WY7TG, to authorize treasurer to pay these bills for website maintenance when they are submitted. Second by Jim S, WX7G. MOTION PASSED

--President Rogers announced that she will pass out certificates at the Snowbird Field Day to those who were deemed Honorary Members at the last business meeting.

--Vice President Towers asked that we have a good succession plan to keep the leadership of the club going, that we would be benefited to have someone step up to fill the vice-president and secretary positions. When leaders are not relieved and stay in office too long they get burned out, so, please give serious thought how YOU can serve by stepping up to fill the vacancies that will soon exist. If we don't have officers in place, the club suffers. Also we need to plan to get younger people involved in radio and the club.

Drawings: 50/50 – $17 won by Hugh, KL7HM, and donated back to club.

Solar phone charger won by Lucian, AD0LB

Joke by Tom Liska – we want to register here for wedding gifts

Meeting Adjourned 1108

Attendance-- 31 in person, 14 on zoom

Respectfully submitted

Chuck Rogers, Secretary