Business Meeting Minutes

10 January 2022


Meeting held at Greenfield Village and also via ZOOM provided by Doc Cunningham began 1003 conducted by President Sue Rogers.

Returning/New Members-- Rob Monsipapa AK7RM, Claude Chauvin, Cliff Bean

Health and welfare? Glenn—eye surgery today; /Charlie Janus – heart problems continuing.


License Classes—postponed until further notice

Dues-- $10/year due Jan 1st.

Thumb Drives—available for new members—see President Rogers to get yours.

 Minutes of December business meeting read by Chuck Rogers, Secretary. MOTION by Ralph and seconded by Cheri to accept the report as read. MOTION PASSED

Treasurer's Report read by Treasurer, Cheri Goforth. MOTION by Doc and seconded by Jerry D to accept the report as read. MOTION PASSED

MOTION by Jerry D to have newly purchased thumb drives paid for out of the education fund.

2nd by Ralph T; MOTION PASSED.

New Business-- Honorary Members-- President Rogers nominated Charles Janus, KM4QFA, to be a non-participating honorary member. MOTION--Moved and Seconded to accept Charles Janus, KM4QFA, as a non-participating Honorary Member. MOTION PASSED

President Rogers nominated the following 15 people to be Honorary Members by virtue of their age, they all being over 80 years old: Doc Cunningham, WA7PLC; Pat McClure, W7NZO; Charlie Hall, WB7E; Bob Jannereth, WZ0H; George Kubinski, VE6TQ; Bill McVicars, KB0NJA; Bob Mitchell, KB0RJJ & Doris Mitchell, N0QVJ; Dick Patche, K2LCT; Auggie Pimentel, AE7MX; Jerry Prindle, KL7HFI; John Rudl, VE7PEE; Terry Ryan, KE7GRV; Jack Shidemantle, K8JXG; Jim Speck, W5AI; and Larry Eldridge, KF7DYM. President Rogers also nominated the following 8 members to be Honorary Members by virtue of being a member for 10 or more years and given significant service to the club: Jerry Davis, WF5W; Tony and Judy Ferrara, K7AJF and K7JLF; Mike Saeger N9MS; Mike Striplin, K7VG; Chuck Rogers, W7CBR; Dick Vance K7NEX; and Hugh McLaughlin, KL7HM.

After discussion, MOTION by Cheri Goforth to accept the members nominated by President Rogers as honorary members. Second by Glenn Sicks. MOTION PASSED

Appointments by President Rogers:

Nominating Committee – Jeff Freeman, Jack Hovden, Bill Maynard

Treasurer Audit Committee – Cheri Goforth, Chuck Rogers, Sue Rogers

Equipment Audit Committee – Glenn Sicks, Lucian Vittori , Greg Watkins

Program Officer – Doc Cunningham


Nets enumerated and announced.

Joke by Bob Bingham – (they won't let me fart)

Next week presentation by Doc Cunningham

Meeting Adjourned 1114

Respectfully submitted

Chuck Rogers, Secretary